Friday, February 3, 2017

What's Coming Up

It's February, a new month, and I just thought I'd share  few posts coming up here later on. 

  • Sherlock, Season 4 review
I haven't seen it yet (will see episode one hopefully on Monday!), and honestly, as much as I like Sherlock (especially season 3- it was the best!), I'm kind of wary of this next season. I have a feeling (if the soundtrack is any indication) it will have a different feel to it than the other seasons did, and also, I'm afraid one (or several) great characters are going to die... However, I am looking forward to the baby. 

  • Book review for Shine Like the Dawn, by Carrie Turansky
I started this novel, which is the first I've read of Mrs. Turansky's, yesterday. So far it's pretty good, and I'm looking forward to reading more. 

  • Top Five Books from my Bookshelf
  • Five Christian Movies You Really Should See

What blog posts are upcoming on your blog? 


  1. Lots of fun stuff you have coming, Korin. All sounds fabulous. Hope you enjoy Sherlock! I thought it was fabulous (aka brilliant), albeit yes, different.

    1. Thanks, Rissi! I just watched the first episode, and yes, as I was afraid of, it is a bit different. And sad. But it's also great to see some new adventures of Sherlock and John's, and I'm enjoying it far more than I'd thought I would. Looking forward to the rest of it! Are you planning on reviewing it?


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