Hello there!

I'm Korin. Just a lover of stories- the places they take you, the people you meet, the lessons you learn. It really is true when they say "a reader lives a thousand lives"- I've only fairly recently graduated from high school and already I feel as if I've gone so many places, seen and experienced so many things, met so many people. If you love books, movies and all things related to them (me since I was little), you've come to the right place. Comment and let me get to know you- I'd love to hear your opinion and talk story with you!

There's more to me than just literary things, however (which you've probably realized is the main thing I talk about on here). I'm also an aspiring baker (cupcakes are my thing), would love to illustrate books on the side possibly one day, am an adventurer of the outdoors, an optimist, and an ISFJ. Number one, however, I'm a God follower, which means I've decided to give Him my life. He's my Lord, and the writer of my story.

If going by bookish characters would help you get to know me better, I'm a combination of Hermione Granger (in Hufflepuff house, though), Lucy Pevensie, Will Scarlet (RH BBC), John Watson, and lastly, Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (either the book or the Susannah Harker version, however). What about you?

Hoping you have a blessed day. Thanks for stopping by!


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