Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Five Christian Movies You Really Should See

I know Christian movies tend to be a controversial topic at times. Some love them, some strongly dislike them; however, I'm somewhere in between. I like watching Christian films, but sometimes there are just some that aren't worth watching. However, there are also some that impact you, inspire you, and I think are just all-around awesome. Even if you aren't a fan of Christian media, here are my top 5 Christian movies I love, that I really think you should see anyway. 

1. Courageous

The Kendrick brothers do an awesome job, I think- not in making a Christian movie, but just a movie in general. All of theirs are good, but so far Courageous has remained my favorite. It depicts real life, not a sort of "fantasy world" that some Christian movies tend to depict. There is awesome acting, humor you can relate to, happiness, sorrow, and, being a film mainly about the police force,  action. This is definitely a must-see, in my book! 

2. Woodlawn

Based on a true story about a racial-hot school in 1960's Alabama, this is another inspiring (not cheesy) story. I've only seen it once, so I don't quite remember all of it offhand, but I do remember after watching it that I was so glad I had. I'm not one to cry in movies, but I came very close to it in this story! There is one part that just gave me chills (in a good, inspiring way). 

  3. Ben-Hur

I had the privilege of seeing this in theaters, and while I was a bit upset at some of the details (it was different from the book- you can read my review of the novel here), this was another near tear-jerker. True, there's more action and violence than some (or most) Christian films (it was almost rated R), but I think that only made the conclusion that much more inspiring and fulfilling. Also, some may say that Christian films are low-quality and have bad cinematography, but that, in my opinion, can't be said of Ben-Hur. It will be a classic for a long time in our house! 

4. Fireproof

Another Kendrick brothers movie, this one is probably my next-to-favorite of theirs. In an age where it sometimes seems as if there's more divorces and unhappy couples than marriages, this film about one man's "quest" to bring his marriage together is a breath of fresh air. And what I said about Courageous can be said the same of this movie- it has all that (I believe) a movie needs- humor, action (the main character in this one is a firefighter), inspiring moments, and moments of sadness. 

5. October Baby

 Another tear-jerker that shows how abortion (a prominent topic in the movie) really does affect the lives of those involved. And how life really means something.  As the song on the main menu proclaims, life is beautiful. 

What would you put on your must-watch list? And if you've seen any of these films before, what did you think of them? 


  1. I remember when I first saw Fireproof how impressed I was with it. It's such a powerful film, and was definitely a huge improvement (production wise) over the Kendrick's football drama. Great set of recommendations, Korin. :)

    1. Thanks, Rissi! And yeah, I agree, they really did do better on it.


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