Thursday, December 24, 2015

Remembering There and Back Again Link-Up- The Battle of the Five Armies

 So today I decided to enter the "Remembering There and Back Again" Link Up from the  Three Fangirling Sisters blog. Here is the link if you'd like to enter. And also, they've extended the dates, so you can do it anytime in December. :) I wasn't sure if I was supposed to inlcude the rules for entering or not, so I didn't. Hope that's okay. Here goes! I've decided to just do "The Battle of the Five Armies." 

Favorite Character: Bilbo Baggins. I loved seeing how his character progressed from the first movie! It changed so much. 

Favorite Actor: Martin Freeman.

Favorite Actress:  Evangeline Lily

Favorite Quote/Line: This-

Favorite Soundtrack: I can't really remember the music... Maybe the part at the end when Bilbo comes home? I think there was music at that part. 

Favorite Friendship: Bilbo and Thorin's. 

Favorite Costume: Perhaps Galadriel's, or Bilbo's. 

Favorite Weapon: Sting, Bilbo's sword/ letter-opener.

Favorite Minor-Character:  Bard's son- I guess he was a minor character. If not, one of his sisters. 

Favorite Scene: Probably when Thorin comes upon Bilbo holding the acorn. 

Favorite Screen Shot: I'm not sure... 

Favorite Location: The Shire

Did You Cry? Not really. I did have tears in my eyes, though. 

Did You Dress Up as Anything? No, but I did wear my One Ring necklace and LOTR shirt, and my hair was up in a kind of Elvish way. 

Did You Watch it at a Theater? Yes. 

What Are Your Personal Thoughts on the Movie? It was great, although I really think there should have been more Fili scenes, and perhaps something that showed more of what happened to Bard afterwards. 

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