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At Love's Bidding, by Regina Jennings

At Love's Bidding, by Regina Jennings

Genre: Historical Fiction

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Five hearts

Profanity: None

Inappropriate Scenes: None

When Miranda assists at her grandfather's  Boston auction house, she accidentally sells a powerful family's prized portrait. Grandpa tracks the bidder to the Ozarks and quickly buys the local dealer's business. But when they arrive and find cattle, not paintings, they discover he's impulsively purchased livestock! Can Miranda salvage the situation with the handsome boss, Wyatt? 
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My Review: 

First of all, this is a great book! I loved the mystery (which was, while not as complex as a Lynette Eason or Julie Klassen, great. Maybe it was just me, but I had no idea how everything was going to turn out!), the characters were very lovable, and the author's writing style is an A+. There really is hardly anything I disliked about it.
 At first, it took me awhile to get into At Love's Bidding ( partly because I have been EXTREMELY busy with Christmas coming up and couldn't devote my time to reading it as much as I'd have liked), but once I did, I finished it in about two days. 
I could relate to Miranda- I also find it a bit hard to be brave. And I can sympathize about her Grandfather, who  ( this is not a spoiler- it is said near the start of the book) seems to have Alzheimer's or something like that. I also have a grandparent who struggles with the same. They are a different person than they used to be.  
I misjudged some characters at the beginning (which was what the author, I think, intended), later coming to love them. 
Also, when I was almost all the way through the book, I realized that, while this is not one in a series, the characters are the same from some of Ms. Jenning's other books. I love finding out that an author has done that! Now I want to read some more of her books... And I'm just guessing about who her next one is going to be about, due to the way the book ended. 
My only problem with the book was the cover. My sister and I were both expecting to see (on the back cover) that Miranda had lassoed a man (her "love", I guess you could say), but, after the novel arrived, we came to find that it was just a cow on the other end of the rope. Not a big issue, however, I just think it would have made a nicer cover. 

Note: I got this book free from Bethany House in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. The mystery makes it sound interesting though in general I'm not a fan of romance. Fun review Korin!

  2. Thank you, Lydia! Yes, the mystery was good, although not as intense as a Lynette Eason or Terri Blackstock novel (which my sister loves).


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