Friday, May 20, 2016

Top Ten Villains Tag

Lydia from C'est La Vie  tagged me for the Top Ten Villains Tag. Thank you, Lydia! This looks like fun.

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1. Moriarty from "Sherlock."

 I was NOT a fan of him, although I must admit- the actor who played him did brilliantly. He was as creepy, slimy and unlikable as I would imagine Arthur Conan Doyle pictured him to be. He was my least favorite villain ever, which is why I put him as #1, because sometimes the villain isn't supposed to be likable.

2.  Jeff Hope from "Sherlock."

I despised his character as well. He was just so coldhearted and creepy... ( I couldn't find a picture of him, except for ones with "Princess Bride" references... love those!!)

3. The White Witch from "Narnia."

She was exactly as, I think, C.S. Lewis intended her to be. 

4. Prince Humperdink from "The Princess Bride."

 You were frightened of what he intended to do to Wesley and Buttercup, but as he showed in the end, he was a bit spineless.

5. Guy of Gisborne, from "Robin Hood" BBC.

He was a villain, against Robin Hood and all Robin stood for, but I felt sorry for him at times. And as he showed in the end, everyone can change.

6. The Community, from "The Giver."

They weren't meaning to be the villains.... they just wanted to make life better. They didn't know what they were missing, what wrong they were doing. They weren't really villains, but in a way, they were. 

7. Willoughby from "Sense and Sensibility"

He had bad intentions to begin with, but he really did love Marianne, or, at least, like her. In choosing wealth over love, he lost happiness as well. I never was a fan of him, even when he did appear to be the good guy, but I do feel that he was a unique villain. 

8. Smeagol from "The Lord of the Rings"

 He was overcome by the One Ring. But he wanted to change, really did, and I felt sorry for him. I know someone like that, and I think that makes me feel for Gollum/Smeagol even 

9. Agravaine from "Merlin"

"Agravaine, combination of aggravating and migraine", as I once saw someone call him . He was a horrible villain, and thus the actor played his part well. Agravaine  was extremely annoying and I couldn't wait for him to meet his end.

10. Mr.  Squeers in "Nicholas Nickleby"
 I have no idea how Jim Broadbent does it. He went from playing the abusive, villainous Squeers  in "Nicholas Nickleby" to being the kind and extremely lovable Professor Kirke in the first "Narnia" movie. Anyway, I thought this villain was different from the usual ones, and that was interesting to me. He actually thought (to some degree) that he was doing the boys some good, while all the while he was abusing them. 

Again, I'm not sure I know of ten bloggers to tag, so I'll just do S.F. from On Solid Ground, as well as anyone else who'd like to do the tag. :) 


  1. Wow, I actually was familiar with all but one of your choices! Great answers Korin! I agree with all of them.
    Also, I love that Sherlock-Princess Bride Cross-over. ;D

    1. Thank you, and thanks again for tagging me!
      Yes, Sherlock and Princess Bride cross-overs are great. :)


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