Thursday, August 13, 2015

"The Potter's Lady," by Judith Miller

"The Potter's Lady," by Judith Miller

Genre: Historical Fiction

About the Book: When Rose McKay's brother, Ewan, buys a pottery, Rose is determined to take her education at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women and make it a success. Rylan Campbell, a worker at the pottery, doesn't like all the changes Rose plans on making, and he and Rose can't seem to agree on much. The future of the pottery looks grim, so whenever an art contest is announced, the prize seems to be the only thing that will rescue it. Can Rose and Rylan, work together and create a winning entry? 

My Rating:  ♥♥ 2 out of 5 hearts 

Profanity: None that I can recall 

Sensuality: Man studies the way a woman walks, hints of a woman and man sleeping together. 

My Review: The good thing about this book was that I learned a little bit more about the pottery business in West Virginia (which is where the story takes place). The bad things were many. 
 First of all, the romance was ok. Very slow. Rose and Rylan didn't really care for each other for a long time, and then finally, when the book was more than halfway through, they finally fell in love. And it didn't really happen gradually, just all of a sudden. 
 The writing style was pretty good, but I found it lacking in excitement. There was a protagonist, and that made it a bit better, but something just seemed to be missing. 
  I liked the cover pretty well, but for some reason it bugged me that the woman in the 3 pictures on the book (cover, back, and spinal photos) had the same expression on her face. It just didn't match the character's personality. 
  All in all, this wasn't my favorite book.

Note: For some reason, blogger keeps saying that my sister posted this review, but I wrote it. 
- Korin. 

I got this book free from Bethany in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. 

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